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About Us

Who We Are

The NAAACC annually serves over 500 businesses. The NAAACC serves as a vehicle to enhance African American Businesses and other historically underutilized businesses by identifying business opportunities. providing a resource base, and encouraging members to do business with each other. The NAAACC is affiliated with the National Black Chamber of Commerce, Which is headquartered in Washington, DC.

NAAACC Mission

The NAAACC is an organization committed to fostering positive economic development in the North Alabama African American and under represented communities, through the development and implementation of economic empowerment opportunity programs and strategies, that will sucessfully grow new and existing minority business and institutions while providing greater stability and growth of our city, state, and nation.


  • Business And Technical Assistance
    NAAACC Counselors assist clients with the following:
    • Business Plan Development
    • Media Planning
    • Site Location
    • Market Research
  • Financial Assistance
    NAAACC Councelors can assist clients in acquiring access to captial for business startup and expansion.
  • Youth Entrepreneurship
    NAAACC programs are designed to expose youth to entrepreneurial activities, concepts, and business mentors. We work with youth through local churches, colleges, and schools.